Customise Your Hearing Aid with These Simple Decorating Tips

Hearing aids are an ordinary part of life for the people who wear them, and for the most part, they're largely forgotten as long as they're working properly and doing their job. That said, they often look fairly dull, and not everyone wants them to blend in and go unnoticed.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to decorate hearing aids, jazzing them up and adding a personal touch. This is particularly good for children and fashion-conscious teenagers, who might want to make a statement with their hearing equipment or add a touch of fun. Here are some simple methods you can use for hearing aid customisation.


There's an endless supply of stickers available with just about every shape, pattern or character you could wish for. Younger kids will especially like showing off their favourite movie, TV or book characters. Paper stickers won't last very long, which is fine if you want to change designs frequently, but foil or plastic stickers are also available.

If you really want to get unique and creative, you could buy some self-adhesive paper for your home printer and make your own stickers.

Nail foils

Designed for use on your nails, these stickers are often larger than the surface of a hearing aid, so you can cut them to just the right size and shape to cover the surface. Make sure you leave a space for any controls.

Nail foils are available in loads of different funky colours and pretty patterns, so you can make hearing aids look fashionable and sophisticated or fun and cheerful.


Latex-based paint is a good option for plastic surfaces, but check the instructions to make sure it will be suitable.

Using paint gives you the freedom to exercise your artistic muscles and create your own design from scratch. You could also use stencils to get a bit of help if you're not confident in your freehand skills.

Before you start, draw your design on paper first so you can practise, and so you have something to reference.


Real gemstones or plastic imitations can be picked up inexpensively from jewellery making or craft stores. They can be applied to hearing aids using a glue gun or any other suitable type of adhesive, and you can arrange them to make sparkling patterns.

Gems can be combined with stickers, paint or nail foils to enhance details or bring sections of the design to life, maximising that unique look.

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