Suffering From Sudden Spinal Pain? Here Are 3 Ways to Manage It at Home!

If you're suddenly suffering from spinal pain, the first thing on your mind is relief. Whilst the best way to ensure proper care is to get to the health care clinic straight away, there are times when you need to delay that until morning or until the next weekday. If you're looking for temporary spinal pain relief at home, this was written just for you. Here are three ways to manage your pain at home until you can get to the health care clinic. 

1. Ice It Down

Ice is one of the most effective spinal pain solutions you can use, as it can greatly decrease the painful inflammation that occurs after a spinal injury. Fashion an ice packet by adding crushed ice to a plastic zipper bag. Wrap this bag in a towel and then place lightly on the part of the spine that hurts. You might find it most comfortable to lay on your stomach whilst icing your back. Ice numbs the spine quite rapidly and can alleviate much of your pain. It's best to apply ice in intervals: 20 minutes on, and then at least 20 minutes off before repeating.

2. Heat It Up

While ice gives the most effective spinal pain relief in the first day after the pain onset, heat can be just as helpful after that first 24 hours. Once the inflammation is under control, you might find that heat offers great relief. You can use electric heating pads or heating pads you can heat in the microwave (you can find these at your local chemist) or even soak in a hot bath for relief. As with ice application, it's best to use heat application in intervals of 20 minutes. You can also alternate ice and heat if you like. 

3. Push the Pain Away

While ice, heat or a combination of those might be sufficient for spinal pain relief, you also have medication options if they don't fully do the job. Over the counter tablets like Panadol and Panamax can be purchased at your chemist, and they're quite powerful in the management of mild to moderate spinal pain. Be sure to take the tablets exactly as the instructions dictate. These medications can cause stomach upset, especially if you're not accustomed to taking them often -- so don't forget to have something to eat before you have each dose. 

If you put the three tips above into practise straight away, you'll be able to manage the spinal pain effectively until you arrive at the health care clinic. 

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